TravelBrands receives Chairman’s Circle Honors award

TravelBrands receives Chairman’s Circle Honors award
Chris Thompson, president & CEO, Brand USA; Elvi Cal, VP product development, TravelBrands; Dave Paterson, VP strategic partnerships & business development, TravelBrands; Roger Dow, president & CEO, U.S. Travel Association

TravelBrands has been recognized as a Chairman’s Circle honouree by the U.S. Travel Association and Brand USA.

The accolade, which honours representatives from the world’s highest-volume tour operators and buyers of U.S. travel and hospitality services, was awarded at the U.S. Travel Association and Brand USA's annual Chairman’s Circle Honors (CCH) event on June 3, 2017, at the Washington National Cathedral during the associations' annual IPW conference.

“We are pleased that our efforts to bring Canadians to their favourite American destinations have been recognized,” Elvi Cal, VIP product development, TravelBrands, stated in a release.

“This honourable status provided by Brand USA and U.S. Travel Association inspires us to contribute even more to both the U.S. and Canadian travel industry.”

The evening featured entertainment from the Washington National Opera, and was emceed by travel expert and TV host Samantha Brown.

The U.S. Travel Association’s Chairman’s Circle-level members, including top U.S. travel businesses and destinations, nominate all international honorees. TravelBrands, along with 60 other international travel services, received this award along with an official badge. The award is given out on a yearly basis to select organizations that make prominent contributions to the U.S. travel industry.

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