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Travel pros scale the Himalayas with Canadian Heights

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  •   02-10-2015  10:00 am

Travel pros scale the Himalayas with Canadian Heights

The adventure opportunities of the Himalayas were in the spotlight recently, as travel agents and tour operators ventured to the peaks of the famed mountain range with Canadian Heights Ltd.

The event, presented in conjunction with India Tourism Toronto, showcased the company’s travel packages to the Himalayas, encompassing activities as varied as skiing and off-roading to yoga and fishing for the region's famed golden trout.

The company was started in 2012 by Col. Harry Dhillon, a retired Green Beret with the Indian Army who has now taken some of the adventures he experienced in his more than 25 years of service and adapted them to travel packages. Immigrating to Canada in 2000, Dhillon told PAX that he had long sought to establish a travel company that could offer unique Indian itineraries, with a focus on the Himalayas. Many of Dhillon’s Himalayan treks, from military operations such as rescue expeditions to leisure activities like car rallies, were highlighted during the presentation.

“The company is very young, but the CEO is very experienced,” Dhillon joked. “The concept was always there in my mind; this is what the Himalayas are about. With Canadian Heights, what I am looking to do is provide a quality itinerary with my own team."

Dhillon added that while the Himalayas may not be the first destination that Canadian travellers think of when planning a trip, he sees plenty of potential in the Canadian marketplace for such travel packages.

“There’s a big market here and people are looking for safety and security, as well as something new,” said Dhillon.

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More about Canadian Heights Ltd.:

- In addition to Col. Dhillon, many of Canadian Heights’ staff in India are retired members of the Indian Army.

- Travellers have the option of French-speaking guides.

- Canadian Heights offers travel packages exclusively for women.