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Friday,  April 19, 2024 6:06 PM 

“Egypt is safe”: Travel consortia leaders return from Goway trip

“Egypt is safe”: Travel consortia leaders return from Goway trip
(Ruben Hanssen/Unsplash)
Pax Global Media

Amid questions and uncertainty about safety in the Middle East, travel consortia leaders are going on the record to say that Egypt is safe to visit. 

A group recently returned from a guided “fact-finding trip” to Egypt, hosted by Goway and the Egyptian Tourism Authority, according to a Goway news release issued Wednesday (Feb. 21).

The trip was held to showcase the travel infrastructure and safety of Egypt in the current moment. 

Led by Renee Stanton-Defaria, director of sales at Goway, consortia leaders explored the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx, ventured through the souks of Old Cairo, and cruised the Nile River to discover tombs and temples along the banks of the river.

Egypt is home to bucket-list travel experiences, being home to iconic landmarks and historical treasures of the world.

“It’s also a safe and great value destination,” wrote Aren Bergstrom, head of content and communications at Goway. “Despite recent conflict in the Middle East, Cairo, the pyramids in Giza, and the Nile River are far from any conflict zones.”  

Karryn Christopher, EVP of marketing and preferred partnerships for Signature Travel Network, said the warmth and hospitality of the Egyptian people, the cultural and historical significance of the places we visited, the knowledge and storytelling abilities of the guides and Egyptologists, and the deliciousness and freshness of the food easily puts Egypt in my top five travel experiences of all time."

"It’s an excellent choice for all types of group travel,” Christopher stated.

“Egypt is a totally misunderstood place,” stated Sean Tolkin, VP World Travel Holdings. “It’s safe, it’s friendly, and the infrastructure is incredible. The sites are very well-protected and pictures cannot do them justice.”

Cece Drummond, vice-president of cupplier relations for Travelsavers/NEST, added: “I never once felt safety to be an issue. Egypt is a fantastic bucket list destination for travellers. While there is some concern about global unrest in the region, travellers should not wait to visit this area of the world. Go now before the crowds returns and cost increases.”

Goway noted that it’s time for the North American travel community “to support the Egyptian tourism industry in showcasing what a safe, comfortable, and awe-inspiring destination it remains.”

“Upon arriving at Cairo Airport, I received a warm welcome from our local representative,” noted Goway's Stanton-Defaria. “From that moment onward, my mind was put at ease as the warmth and hospitality of the people shown through every step of the journey."

"Egypt is undeniably a safe country, and the locals are earnestly seeking peace. At no point did I feel unsafe during my visit. I highly recommend advising your clients to consider booking a trip to Egypt at this very moment. Not only are there fewer crowds, but the USD to Egyptian pounds exchange rate is currently at an all-time high, making the vacation exceptionally great value.”

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