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Friday,  April 19, 2024 6:26 PM 

Air Canada's app now tracks baggage & mobility aids in real time

Air Canada's app now tracks baggage & mobility aids in real time
Suitcases on an airport baggage carousel. (Shutterstock/Vietnam Stock Images).
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Air Canada on Friday (Dec. 1) announced a new feature for its mobile app that enables customers travelling within Canada to track the progress of their baggage and mobility aid in real time as it moves with them throughout their journey. 

The new tracking feature is designed to provide travellers with added confidence and improve the overall customer experience through greater convenience, the airline said in a press release. 

“At Air Canada, we know that apart from a safe, comfortable journey, the prompt delivery of baggage and mobility aids is a top priority for our customers. We already achieve a very high reliability rate, but to further elevate our service we are introducing a new tracking feature in the Air Canada mobile app to give customers real-time information, greater certainty about the movement of their belongings during their trip, and heightened convenience,” stated Tom Stevens, vice-president, customer experience and operations strategy at Air Canada. 

Expanding to U.S. flights next year 

Using the Air Canada mobile app, customers can now track their baggage and mobility aid as it travels with them on domestic flights, based on the same tag scanning information that Air Canada employees use at each stage to handle these items, according to a press release. 

(Air Canada)

Initially available to customers travelling within Canada during final development, Air Canada says its tracking feature will be expanded to the airline’s U.S. flights next year and, over time, select international destinations.

How it works 

Air Canada app users will be able to track the progress of their checked items at key points from check-in, through the airport handling processes, on to the aircraft and through connections and arrival, providing reassurance every step of the way.

For customers required to check mobility aids, they will be able to track the movement of their aid, including to confirm, under Air Canada’s enhanced accessibility protocols, that it is securely loaded before the aircraft departs, the airline says. 

(Air Canada)

The tracker’s “What’s Next” feature tells customers the next step for their belongings, including information on where they need to pick up their bag, such as an airport baggage carousel number, either at a transfer point or the end of their journey.

In addition to existing text or email notifications, the app has the functionality to advise customers of delayed items and enable them to easily file a delayed baggage report from their smart phone and arrange delivery, which saves time waiting at the carousel or at a baggage assistance counter. 

Customers will receive a confirmation that the report is received with a file number and a link to follow-up on any updates, the airline says. 

The update comes as Air Canada implements new policies for passengers with disabilities as part of its Accessibility Plan for 2023-26, which aims to “reduce or eliminate major sources of dissatisfaction and trip disruption for customers with disabilities." 

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