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Sunday,  May 26, 2024 10:38 PM 

TRAVELSAVERS Canada survey shows consensus on importance of training, but not process

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  •   05-15-2024  9:34 am
  •   Pax Global Media

TRAVELSAVERS Canada survey shows consensus on importance of training, but not process
Pax Global Media

A near-unanimous majority of travel advisors affiliated with TRAVELSAVERS Canada agree that training new consultants is important.

There are, however, several approaches to training in use, demonstrating a need for a more consolidated process as part of the overall onboarding, coaching and education experience.

A recent survey of TRAVELSAVERS Canada advisors sheds light on the qualities agencies are looking for in recruits and how they train them.

Varied Training

An overwhelming number of advisors — 96 per cent — say that training is essential or important for new entrants to the profession.

However, agencies rely on diverse methods of developing their new consultants.

Sixty-seven per cent offer a job shadow with colleagues and 38 per cent use supplier training programs.

Thirty-six per cent provide industry webinars.

Programs designed to cover a range of crucial advisor skills are less common.

Twenty per cent say their agency offers a specialized program for new advisors.

Eighteen per cent depend on KORE, a comprehensive advisor education curriculum recently launched in Canada, and 16 per cent use an industry program such as The Travel Institute.

“Although there’s a phenomenal amount of job shadowing made available by our agency partners, which is terrific, there is still an element of structured yet flexible online instruction required to round out the training process,” said Jane Clementino, senior vice-president and general manager, TRAVELSAVERS Canada. “We’re delighted that KORE is now available here as we really believe it’s the best-in-class training platform, and we encourage all of our agencies to enroll new recruits into the program. The investment will pay off!”

Critical Skills

When asked about the most important elements advisor training should cover, the top three were customer service at 58 per cent, sales at 47 per cent and booking travel at 44 per cent.

Thirty-one per cent opted for solid communication skills, and 29 per cent chose customer service.

In addition, around a quarter named passion for travel and sales savviness as keys to being successful.

Training that covers a range of skills is essential, especially given that many agencies are looking for potential among prospects rather than advisor experience.

Sixty-five per cent are seeking candidates with a travel industry background and 33 per cent are looking for people with client service experience.

Career Benefits

The survey found that 47 per cent of respondents treasure the flexibility to work as much as they like from wherever they are.

And 47 per cent also delight in making people’s travel dreams come true.

Over one-third appreciate the opportunity for continuous learning and development, and 27 per cent love travel discounts and perks.

“Being a travel advisor is a very rewarding job and a great field for a lifelong career,” said Clementino. “Recruiting is a top priority now, and we also need to provide proper training to ensure the gems that we hire are fulfilled and successful. Our clientele must always experience excellent client service, and they will when dealing with our well-trained TRAVELSAVERS Canada advisors.”

Survey results

Importance of training for new advisors

● 80% essential

● 16% important but not mandatory

● 4% other

How agencies train new advisors

● 67% job shadow with colleagues

● 38% supplier programs

● 36% industry webinars

● 20% agency program

● 18% KORE

● 16% industry program

Most important training elements

● 58% customer service

● 47% sales

● 44% booking travel

● 38% supplier types

● 28% technology

Top traits for new advisors

● 64% travel industry experience

● 31% communication skills

● 29% customer service

● 24% sales savvy

● 24% personal passion for travel

● 20% detail orientation

Top career benefits

● 47% flexibility to work as much as you like from wherever you like

● 47% help make people’s dreams come true

● 36% continuous learning and development

● 27% fits with your passions and interests

● 27% travel discounts and perks

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