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COVID-19: An important message from Uguette Chiasson, President of Pax Global Media

COVID-19: An important message from Uguette Chiasson, President of Pax Global Media
Uguette Chiasson, President & CEO, Pax Global Media Inc.
Uguette Chiasson

Uguette Chiasson is the founder and CEO of PAX Global Media, a multi-platform publishing house specialized in the Canadian travel trade. She's been an integral part of the industry for 30 years.

Dear Travel Industry Partners,

This is an unprecedented time. This enormous crisis caused by COVID-19 is a great shock to us all, both humanly and financially. Our industry and the entire global economy have been affected like never before.

I wanted to communicate with you, dear customers, dear readers, members of the travel industry, to tell you that we, like you, are appalled by this terrible situation and that we are thinking wholeheartedly of our industry colleagues.

I also wanted to share with you our situation. The Pax Global Media team is working very diligently to continue providing ongoing news each day via our three news sites –, and – and daily newsletters.

The news continues, and we will be there.

• An alert banner was put in place from the beginning of the crisis a few weeks ago in order to keep you updated on COVID-19 news that affects the travel industry.



• The articles are also posted continuously on our Facebook page.

Click here: Paxnews English Facebook page

Click here: Paxnouvelles French Facebook page

• The advertising email distribution service continues to send Quick Presse (your press releases to the industry at a more than reasonable price). Feel free to use this service for all communications to industry professionals.

• Subscribers will also receive, as usual, their copy of our monthly print and digital publication, Pax Magazine, on April 1st.

Our three newsletters will continue to be sent every day and our Quick Press service remains at your service. Please, don’t hesitate to use them.

Email distribution service:

Thanks to a hard-working golden team – and I thank them from the bottom of my heart – our regular activities will continue, connecting suppliers with travel advisors.

Let us hope that this crisis will end quickly and that the entire industry can resume its normal activities. Pax Global Media Inc. is whole-heartedly with you at this difficult time.

Uguette Chiasson

President, CEO

Pax Global Media Inc.