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Friday,  July 19, 2024 5:25 AM 

Amsterdam raising tourist tax by 12.5%, will become most expensive in Europe

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  •   10-04-2023  11:49 am
  •   Pax Global Media

Amsterdam raising tourist tax by 12.5%, will become most expensive in Europe
Amsterdam. (Air Transat/file photo)
Pax Global Media

The Netherlands’ capital city is increasing its tourist taxes next year – and may possibly claim the top spot for having the highest tourist taxes within the European Union.

Amsterdam, famously known for its elaborate canal system and narrow houses, is expected to increase its tourist tax by 12.5 per cent, according to local media reports.

Considering an average room rate of €175 per person, the increase will translate into an increase in the night’s cost, rising from €15.25 to €21.80 by 2024, reports.

The will also be a growth in the fee for cruise passengers from €8 to €11 per visitor, reports say.

Amsterdam hopes the increase will generate €65 million in tourism tax revenue next year once the changes are implemented.

“Many Amsterdam residents are still struggling to keep their heads above water due to sharply increased prices. The costs for residents will remain the same in 2024. The tourist tax will increase: visitors will thus contribute to the city’s major tasks,” Hester van Buren, Amsterdam’s Alderman for Finance, was quoted as saying.

Buren also noted that this approach will help address over-tourism in the city and while keeping streets clean and solving issues within the neighbourhoods.

“It is a balancing act, and an estimate,” Van Buren told Dutch News. “Of course, it would be good if the high tax helped against over-tourism, but then you would also bring in less money.”

Van Buren said she had been talking to other cities that are also dealing with a high number of tourists, such as Venice and Barcelona.

“We also have to deal with day trippers,” she said. “Of course, you can’t put up turnstiles so no-one can get into the city, but we are going to look at ways of making day visitors pay some sort of city tax.”

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