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Monday,  July 15, 2024 7:40 AM 

Client acquisition: how great relationships lead to better business

Client acquisition: how great relationships lead to better business
Deborah Peniuk

Vancouver native Deborah Peniuk is a woman of many hats: Owner of AYA Life, entrepreneur, travel consultant, writer at Life, Bliss and All of This, and most recently she’s added cancer-thriver to her resume.

A half-truth that we are told is that the customer needs you a lot less than they used to, and while that might seem to be true on the surface, the tactic now should be to build the foundation by developing solid relationships with your target audience. Learn their challenges and past experiences to help forge better ones.

Why not connect your values with your consumers? Nike is famous for using the technique by promoting their mission of fitness, sports, and motivation. By definition to their brand, everyone is therefore an athlete.

Try to initiate a dialogue with prospects, and set up one-on-one interactions if you are not dealing with the walk-in public. For example, try and facilitate an online forum via social media (Facebook/Instagram), offering people expert advice, celebrity tips, lists and tutorials. Community engagement will deliver a transparency to your clients and potential customers. It connects your values with your consumers.

Try to figure out the best growth mix for your niche, those channels used most: websites, emails and social media. Experiment with different approaches and then analyze the results. You can decide what needs to stay and what’s worth letting go to maximize your energies.

Create a referral program – maybe it’s something that costs you a few dollars like a reduced rate on their next booking or find out what is available with your travel partners like parking or dry cleaner service. Something you can create value out of because many of your loyal clients are already primed to promote your brand to friends, family and followers. Some may already be doing so without realizing you have a referral program in place.

Educate your prospects

Try educating your prospects because in this age of technology, people can learn about products with the click of a button. It’s rare for people to ask Alexa or Google before purchasing a product on their own. Become their trusted advocate or partner and listen to their cares and concerns.

“Without sales there is no business. Sales is an opportunity, not a punishment or obligation. It’s time to stop giving selling a bad rap, shift your attitude and educate your way into making the sale,” says Deborah Shane, business podcast host.

When you share valuable information, you become an industry expert. Clients learn to trust your opinions without the fear of being misled. You have it in you to establish your “brand” or yourself as an authority and offer social proof to validate your product’s value with good ol’ testimonials.

Gain exposure to new audiences by partnering with other brands. Through strategic alliances, your business can do more with less.

Solve your potential or current client’s problems by educating them about your product & service solutions, take time to develop partnerships with other companies and agents to expand your reach.

It’s really quite simple - to attract more customers, build quality relationships.