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Thursday,  June 13, 2024 4:19 AM 

Canadian F1S advisors see rise in demand for smaller, luxurious ships & yachts

  • Cruises
  •   04-02-2024  10:34 am
  •   Pax Global Media

Canadian F1S advisors see rise in demand for smaller, luxurious ships & yachts
Pax Global Media

First In Service (F1S) travel advisors across Canada have identified the latest trends in cruise and yacht experiences, noting a shift towards smaller and more luxurious vessels, including yachts, among affluent travellers.

"Playing a crucial role in understanding the pulse of the traveling public, our travel advisors across Canada who specialize in cruises have noted a growing demand for exclusive and personalized travel experiences among our discerning clientele,” said Fernando Gonzalez, CEO of First In Service, in a news release “As travellers seek more immersive travel experiences, intimate settings and bespoke services, we see a significant uptick in interest towards smaller ships and luxury yachts. Our advisors offer exceptional expertise when providing tailored recommendations.”

Smaller cruise options, with a focus on all-inclusive pricing structures, has emerged as a top trend, with F1S Canada travel advisor Linda Montemarano noting a growing interest among clients for immersive itineraries that encompass a range of offerings within the cruise rates.

Additionally, there's a call for clearer pricing models from mid-market cruise brands to alleviate client confusion.

Similarly, F1S Canada travel advisor Michelle Green emphasized a noticeable trend towards river cruising and smaller luxury cruises, attributed in part to concerns surrounding large, crowded ships in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Travellers are seeking more intimate and exclusive experiences, opting for smaller vessels to avoid overcrowding and enhance safety measures, says F1S.

F1S Canada travel advisor Crystal Lynn Lambkin highlighted travelers' desire for all-inclusive packages, where they can pay upfront without being subjected to additional charges throughout their journey.

This shift reflects a desire for transparency and value, with clients willing to invest in comprehensive experiences without the hassle of constant upselling, says F1S.

In light of rising hotel costs, F1S Canada travel advisor Jay Rabinovich indicated that cruising is increasingly seen as a viable and relatively affordable alternative.

While advisors acknowledge the affordability of cruising, they caution clients that it's not a direct substitute for land-based travel, emphasizing the importance of informed decision-making when choosing this option.

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