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Saturday,  May 18, 2024 6:05 PM 

Explora Journeys announces onboard activity & entertainment program

  • Cruises
  •   11-28-2022  5:43 pm
  •   Pax Global Media

Explora Journeys announces onboard activity & entertainment program
EXPLORA I will feature four swimming pools with poolside dining and lounging, and generous outdoor decks, holistic wellness and fitness facilities and more (Ivan Sarfatti)
Pax Global Media

Explora Journeys has shared a glimpse at its original onboard programming, entertainment and experiences that are set to debut at sea.  

Drew Gowland, senior lead entertainment, experience and enrichment, called it a “thoughtful and personalized approach.”

“The discerning luxury traveller looking for something that authentically reflects their mood as well as their journey will find a subtle, layered, intimate and yet exciting choice of experiences and diversions aboard our ships,” said Gowland.

During their voyage, guests will be able to explore seven onboard venues, offering a variety of different styles of entertainment.

Instead of a single main event, they can freely enjoy any experience they wish at whatever time they choose.

With no restrictive starting times, they will be able “dip in and out at their own pace, finding the right vibe at the right time.”

EXPLORA I will feature 461 oceanfront suites, penthouses, and residences, ten distinct culinary experiences, ten indoor and outdoor bar and lounge experiences with curated entertainment. (Ivan Sarfatti)

Guests can enjoy pre-and post-dinner poolside chill-outs in the Astern Lounge, or contemporary pop inspired by Scott Bradley’s Post-Modern Jukebox in the Explora Lounge.

Each of the supremely resident artists on board has been chosen from an international line-up of skillful performers and storytellers.

“All have the gift of exceptional versatility, moving smoothly from classical to rock ’n roll and disco to jazz,” Explora Journeys said. “Each journey sees them morph across a variety of set-ups as required by changes of style or genre, geographical locations, or simply guests’ preferences.”


Some of examples of onboard activities include:

Ombré Sunsets: Guests can hone their photography skills in the Explora Lounge. They learn how to capture a fiery sunset as it fades to rosy blush; how to take the perfect selfie for Instagram; or how to light a personal portrait or piece of art to best effect.

The Spirit of Whiskey: An entertaining tutorial from skillful mixologists in the Malt Whiskey Bar, where guests explore this time-honoured spirit as they try their hand at making signature drinks.

Melodic Master Class: Resident artists get to know the guests, sharing their talents and discussing song writing, improvisation and composition.


Specially designed to define each journey, events are opportunities for interesting and enjoyable interaction between guests and hosts.

Captain’s Log… Secrets of the Sail: Guests join the Captain or Bridge Officers on an engrossing walk around the deck. They learn how old seafaring methods have given way to today’s mind-boggling technology as they get to know the team responsible for sailing them safely around the world.

Bal Mythos: At the stroke of midnight, guests can choose to don handcrafted masks of local gods and goddesses and enjoy the club vibe as they dance to the resident Bacchus Band and singers.

Midnight Wayfinder: With dreamy guitar music and storytelling under the stars or around the Conservatory Pool, guests learn how sailors have long relied on the sea, wind and stars to bring them safely to shore.

Inferno: An unforgettable nod to the glamour of Manhattan’s Studio 54, Soul Train, and Europe’s 1970s discos, where guests can enjoy cocktails from the era and boogie the night away.


An Evening by Candlelight: An intimate and cozy part of every EXPLORA I journey, guest musicians and vocalists perform in the main lounges softly lit by candlelight, creating a range of experiences from classical music to movie soundtracks.

Decadence: The themes of this fabulously indulgent experience switch from lounge to lounge, with live music, immersive performances and an air of lavishness that make The Great Gatsby look second-rate.

Le Jazz: Guests enjoying journeys that include France can let go in a Parisian jazz club experience, accompanied by French martinis and canapés.

Let the Good Times Roll: Jiving to New Orleans jazz cabaret is an essential part of the Caribbean itinerary, with a French Creole menu, absinthe cocktails and dazzling musicianship.


A central aspect of sailing with Explora Journeys are the daily, weekly, monthly or annual rituals that mark everything from sunrise to moonrise.

These take place at the same time, on the same day, in the same place across the company’s growing fleet of ships.

Guests find entertainment, serenity, solace and structure in beautiful practices that set a grounding framework for each journey.

Ocean State of Mind: Simple daily guided meditations against a backdrop of sky and ocean herald each morning, weaving local cultural practices into soothing stories relating to the day’s destination.

Sundial Salutation: This twice-daily, movement-based wellness ritual invigorates guests as they begin each day, then calms them as sunset slides into nightfall.

Midday Melodies: Every day, marking the moment when the morning segues into the afternoon as another day onboard unfolds on EXPLORA I, the Atrium comes alive with acoustic music.

Sunset Aperitivo: Signature drinks and canapés associated with the various ports of call are served in the bars and lounges, each with its own unique sonic vibe.

Moonrise: Every 28 days, guests clad in shades of silver and ivory gather at a magical soirée to honour the full moon, sipping signature cocktails and dancing under a starlit sky to live music.


The Book Club: Occasional journeys feature a particular book relating to the region in which the ship is sailing, culminating in a reading with the author.

Single Origin: Led by a world-class barista, guests get familiar with local coffee cultures through tastings relevant to the countries they visit.

Artisanal: Courses on destination-themed crafts representative of local heritage, from textiles and tapestries to baskets and chocolate making, are taught by a local expert.

Dance the Day Away: On occasional journeys guests might enjoy an incredible afternoon of learning some of the region’s movement culture, accompanied by local dance music, against an LED backdrop that conjures a sense of the geographical context. Sessions are led by local experts, resident artists and the International Host.

The Creative’s Journey: Behind-the-scenes stories, writers, and iconic moments in stage and cinema are discovered through exciting talks by resident and guest artists, together with other prolific talents. Among them are accomplished writers, directors, producers, actors, musicians, choreographers, costumiers, and set and lighting designers.

Finally, Club Soda supports and entertains guests who enjoy an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Prism events are organized to celebrate the diversity of Explora Journeys’ guests.

And the Solivagant Society brings together solo travellers in a variety of activities, events and experiences throughout their journey.

Explora Journeys'first of six ships, EXPLORA I, will set sail on July 17, 2023, from Southampton in the United Kingdom. 

The brand will make its debut with a 15-night inaugural journey to Northern Europe with calls to 12 ports in four countries under the title, “A Maiden Journey into Epic Fjords and the Arctic Circle.”