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Debunking coach touring myths with Globus

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  •   11-17-2014  12:24 pm

Debunking coach touring myths with Globus

The Globus family of brands showcased their coach touring product last week by taking a small group of travel media on a Globus-Cosmos experience in Toronto.

The two-hour field trip, accompanied by Managing Director - Canada Stéphanie Bishop and Patrice Geske, marketing manager, took guests across the city in a comfortable - even luxurious! - coach, paying a visit to the historic Distillery District.

Led by veteran guide James Saunders, the tour resembled what they dub a "Local Favourite" experience, which might include tango lessons in Buenos Ares, a bush breakfast in the Maasai Mara of Africa or taking a Tyrolean horse-drawn carriage ride through the Alpine splendor near Innsbruck. In this case, it was a chocolate tasting at the Distillery's Soma Chocolate Maker.

Bishop and Saunders took the opportunity to debunk myths of coach touring and share trends that they are observing as both the Globus and Cosmos product is "growing by leaps and bounds."

For example:

While many believe that coach touring is only for seniors, Bishop said that's not so. Today's coach travellers are from various age groups seeking different trip styles, especially as Canadians look to see Europe in the most effective way possible, especially on their first visit across the pond. In fact, 30 per cent of the touring business is made up of those new to this travel style.

Despite that point though, Bishop said another misconception is that coach touring is for those who haven't yet travelled. The fact is that the repeat factor is high at about 85 per cent, one reason being that many people appreciate someone else taking care of the back-end logistics they would have to manage individually otherwise.

Bishop also said that coach touring doesn't necessarily mean a rigid schedule, and while a lot of efficiencies have been built into the itineraries, the pace often depends on the destination.

Because of the size of coach touring groups, are travellers destined to wait in line at top sites? Not with Globus and Cosmos, Saunders said, as these itineraries offer VIP access to various attractions and events, allowing guests to "experience sites to the fullest."

Another efficiency with Globus and Cosmos is that tours are only conducted in English, Bishop said, which addresses one hesitation of many potential guests that they might be forced to hear descriptions in various languages while on tour.

Another point emphasized was the global reach of both brands, which extends beyond Europe to throughout South America, North America and Asia.

"We all have our 'bucket lists' and what Globus and Cosmos offer are those bucket list destinations," Saunders said.

Differentiating the two, Bishop said that Globus is the more premium brand, though many premium clients prefer Cosmos because of the more relaxed itineraries.

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