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Thursday,  February 29, 2024 10:28 AM 

Trevello to “take over the world” with new commission model, supplier program

  • Agency
  •   11-17-2022  3:55 pm
  •   Jessica Huras

Trevello to “take over the world” with new commission model, supplier program
From left (of Trevello): Zeina Gedeon, president & CEO; Caroline Hay, national director of sales; Sneha Varghese, director, marketing partnerships & events; Heidi Schnitker, professional development manager, Ontario; Shefali Nair, marketing manager. (Pax Global Media)
Jessica Huras

Trevello is poised to make big moves in 2023, with the company announcing a new commission model, as well as new cruise and preferred supplier programs during its partner launch event at the Rec Room in Mississauga, ON, on Nov. 17.

The event came on the heels of the company’s recent rebrand from Travel Professionals International (TPI) to Trevello. Key Trevello team members, partners and travel media gathered to hear details about the brand’s five-phase approach to growth, while enjoying snacks and games.

Speaking to PAX, Trevello’s President and CEO Zeina Gedeon said the strategy at the core of all these new initiatives is to increase travel advisor satisfaction.

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“We're not looking short-term – we're looking much longer-term to make sure our advisors are happy,” she said.

Addressing attendees, Gedeon jokingly described these new programs as a step forward towards Trevello “taking over the world.”

Money moves

Trevello’s new commissions model includes more levels, creating higher earning opportunities for advisors.

“We will have the most innovative model out there in the market come January 2023,” said Gedeon.

Additionally, the new model also gives advisors more choice over the Trevello services and benefits they leverage. “We give you the choice to control what you use and how you use it,” said Gedeon.

CEO Zeina Gedeon explains the new corporate identity, Trevello, at the company's 2022 conference in Mexico last May. (Pax Global Media)

Trevello is also set to roll out a preferred supplier program called the “Strategic Partner Program,” which will allow advisors to earn up to three per cent additional commission at source when booking with preferred suppliers.

“This program is being implemented for directional selling and working with our core supplier partners to make sure you get the sales that you need, we get the sales coming in and the advisors are getting paid,” said Sneha Varghese, Trevello’s director, marketing partnerships and events.

Cruising into 2023

Caroline Hay, Trevello’s national director of sales, also announced the company will be expanding on its Cruise CEO program, which launched in June 2021.

“The intent was to loosely tie that to the TPI brands. We had a completely different compensation model and a completely segmented advisor group,” said Hay of Cruise CEO’s initial model. “But we started looking at the data and realized that if we were able to engage and immerse more advisors into a program that's focused on cruise, we are all the better for it.”

Caroline Hay says Trevello will launch cruise as a product line in 2023. (Pax Global Media)

With this in mind, Trevello will launch cruise as a product line under its umbrella in 2023.

“What that means is regardless of the brand of an advisor…they will all now have full access to a comprehensive cruise strategy to make sure that we are working towards growing our business overall,” said Hay.

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Hay added the timing is perfect for this program because “the cruise industry is set to boom.”

She noted that cruise sales have grown from 12.9 per cent of Trevello’s overall sales in 2019 to 15.9 per cent currently.

“We want to be recognized as the partner in the Canadian market that has a full comprehensive program to immerse our advisors, give them the opportunities, and be recognized as a major pro seller in the Canadian space and ultimately North American,” Hay said.

Leading the way

Other developments in the pipeline for Trevello include a new social media platform for advisors.

“We’re enhancing our social media platform, which will now allow the advisors to get a much more robust analytics preview,” said Varghese.

“It will make their life much easier…they will have the ability to customize it however they want to so they can push out their own brand.”

From left: Andrew Dawson, president of tour operations, Sunwing; Deana Murphy, VP, retail sales at Sunwing; Wendy Paradis, president, ACTA; David Wright, director of sales, Ontario & Atlantic Canada, Sunwing. (Pax Global Media)

Varghese also shared that Trevello is introducing a new lead generation program focused on getting new leads for travel advisors.

“It's a two-way street where we are hoping to help the advisors by helping them with bringing in new leads and we’re also helping our supplier partners by providing that exposure on behalf of you,” she said.

A five-phase approach

Gedeon said that Trevello has seen a five per cent increase in sales and a nine per cent bump in commissions this year compared to 2019.

Speaking to PAX, she said the reaction to the rebrand – phase one of the company’s five-phase growth strategy – has been positive and she believes the second phase revealed at this event will be equally well received.

Trevello’s president and CEO Zeina Gedeon. (Pax Global Media)

Phase three is planned for May 2023, which will see an overhaul of Trevello’s backend systems with the introduction of new database technology and the hiring of sixteen new customer service employees, eight of which have already been brought onboard.

“We really want to focus on service because that's what differentiates our product,” said Gedeon.

For phase four, Gedeon said Trevello is planning to expand into the U.S. market and is targeting Q1 2023 for its debut south of the Canadian border.

Phase five remains a secret for now.

“There’s a lot more coming,” said Gedeon. “We’re very serious about our growth.”

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