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Wednesday,  June 19, 2024 7:00 AM 

CTS Fares: there's a new player in town

CTS Fares: there's a new player in town
Mike Melhem, Sanjay Kopalkar, Sanjeev Sarna, Michalis Tsakos , Jas Binning, Sandeep Mamgain, of CTS Fares.

Officially opening in Canada this past April, Cosmopolitan Travel Services (CTS) Fares sees room for one more in the airline consolidation business in Canada.

While the company is a new player in Canada in the airline consolidation and tour wholesale market, the CTS team has been around the block in this market with a combined experience of 30 years in the industry, as Sandeep Mamgain, vice president, formerly worked in the airline consolidation sector in Canada for many years.

"The company was started in the mid 60s in the U.S. by my father-in-law and since then, we’ve grown to become a national consolidator in the U.S.," said Michalis Tsakos, CEO, CTS Fares. "At the beginning of the year we decided to open up an office in Canada and move here in this beautiful location here with these great guys, and we're trying to replicate what we did in the U.S. in the Canadian market - servicing the travel agents for airline tickets and tour products."

Living up to its name, Mamgain pointed out that CTS' more than 200 representatives speak 20 different languages with offices across four different continents.

"While we all hail from different ethnicities and cultures, we are united under the Cosmopolitan brand and we all truly believe in offering 'Seamless Service' to our customers."

The company now has 14 locations in the U.S., one location in Peru, another one in India, Bangkok, Greece, and of course the Canadian office. 

"Very soon, we'll expand this Toronto office," Mamgain said.

Partners, not just "agents"

"We are a family business – we’re family-owned and operated and we take a lot of pride in the service we provide to the travel agents," Tsakos said. "We bring honesty to the table, transparency and definitely top-class service.  This is how we’ve done in the U.S. all these years and we hope we can replicate that in Canada. The beginning of the first few months that we’ve been operating in Canada have been very, very successful and I guess the market in Canada is reacting in the exact same way the market in the US has been reacting for the past 30 years we’ve been in the wholesale business."

CTS Fares provides 24/7 support to travel agents worldwide and is adamant that all business transactions are guaranteed, and all commissions are delivered to agents on a weekly basis. 

"We treat travel agents like our partners," Mamgain said. "We work with them very closely, help them to promote their business and we can help them with marketing and all those things, we don’t treat them like a travel agent or sub agent  - these are our partners."

Growing again

According to CTS Fares, the company wants to be a global player in the air consolidator business, and says that Canada has always been in the cards, however, the company was waiting for the right moment to enter the Canadian market.

"Canada is a growing market and we have been servicing Canadian consumers through our U.S. agents," Tsakos said. "Canadian travel agents today have the opportunity of sourcing rich and competitive content from CTS Canada, the U.S. and globally under one umbrella. Since our inception in the air consolidation business in Canada, beginning of April 2018, we have witnessed a very high demand from our Canadian travel partners who are enjoying the benefits of rich global content of private, net and published fares which can be accessed and booked at their fingertips."

In January 2019, CTA Fares will be launching its Tours division where Canadian agents can book packages for worldwide destinations.

Agents may visit the company’s B2B website to enroll and get online access.