Travel Pros Lounge

Are you a long-time travel professional or new to the business? If so, you are in the right place! The Travel Pros Lounge gives you access to key information exclusively about the Canadian travel industry.

What is the Travel Pros Lounge?

The PAX Travel Pros Lounge is the place to find all the content specific to your work ... away from the curious eyes of your customers!

It includes, in particular, all information related to:

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FAM tours
Private articles
  • commission rates;
  • booking bonuses and other incentives;
  • agent-exclusive promotions, discounts and contests;
  • FAMs;
  • webinars and other training;
  • any other "sensitive" information.

In short, the Travel Pros Lounge is a private area on our website that is entirely dedicated to you, the travel agent. The content included here is ‘locked’ and can only be accessed by activating and logging into your account.

Once your account is created *, you will be able to enjoy exclusive content, just for you!

(* Your information is protected and confidential)