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Tuesday,  June 18, 2024 8:39 PM 

More Belize, please: 7 spots to explore this year

More Belize, please: 7 spots to explore this year

The Belize Tourism Board and a handful of Belize travel suppliers brought a breath of tropical fresh air to travel agents braving the roads through an unexpected snowstorm in Calgary last night.

“Canada is one of our top 3 markets of interest so we try to come every year and let Canadians know that Belize is a great option for vacation. Our partnerships with Canadian airlines such as WestJet and Air Canada offer seasonal flights that have boosted interest in our destination,” advises Deborah Gilharry-Arana, senior trade officer, Belize Tourism Board.

Jana Puga, travel trade officer, Belize Tourism Board, added:

“Belize is in Central America but has a large Caribbean influence so it offers the best of both worlds. There are the jungles of Central America but also the beauty of the beach. It is a small island so you can easily experience Mayan temples in the morning, and have plenty of time to snorkel in the afternoon."

Why you should go to Belize

The following are reasons as to why travellers might consider Belize as their next vacation:

  • No visas are required for North American travellers
  • Direct flights are available from Calgary and Toronto
  • Popular for weddings and honeymoons as it is easy to obtain a marriage license
  • Qualified Retirement Program (RQP) for those interested in retiring in Belize
  • Diverse culture and culinary experiences
  • English speaking country as a former British colony
  • Small island, easy to get around
  • One of the safest countries in the Caribbean
  • Stable currency

Get to know Belize

The island of Belize is categorized into seven main areas:

Northern Belize - Corozal town borders with Mexico and is a haven for retirees from Europe and North America.

North Islands - best known for snorkelling and diving. San Pedro is the main tourism destination for all of Belize.

Central Coast - Belize City, the commercial centre for the country offering an array of historical, cultural and eco-adventure tours, primarily for cruise passengers. The city is filled with history and colonial architecture. The rural areas of the Central Coast feature large farming communities where villagers still commute on horseback and on rivers in canoes.

Western Belize - best for nature lovers, adventure seekers and those seeking the mystery of ancient Maya temples.

Southeast Coast - blend of African culture and adventure, predominantly Garinagu culture. The town of Hopkins offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Placencia is one of the largest Creole inhabited communities, including a large number of expatriates who have affectionately coined the area as “Barefoot Perfect”.

Southern Belize - The Toledo district is the most eco-friendly gateway to adventure surrounded by mountains, jungle and sea. It offers a Maya Homestay Program where guests can experience an authentic Maya village home life actively participating in hands-on activities including preparing Maya cuisine, basket weaving, and chocolate making.

Belize Reef - there are three atolls including the iconic Blue hole monument with more than 70 types of coral and 400 species of fish.

The Travel Belize Specialist course is the best place for travel agents to start learning more about Belize. It is a fun course with lots of great incentives including priority space on FAM opportunities, access to a quarterly newsletter with new updates and specials, and all specialists receive a certified diploma and is listed on Belize Tourism Board website for visitors.