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Saturday,  July 13, 2024 11:43 AM 

Italy tourism says summer temperatures don't reflect the climate emergency

Italy tourism says summer temperatures don't reflect the climate emergency
The Colosseum in Rome, Italy. (File photo/Unsplash)
Pax Global Media

The Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT) is responding to growing reports of scorching summer weather in Europe, sharing that the current temperatures reflect the normal seasonal average in Italy.

"We are the land of sunshine, good weather, and hospitality par excellence -- and the numbers confirm that Italy is increasingly attractive," said Tourism Minister Daniela Santanchè.

"I realize that for this reason we represent a very fearsome competitor, inducing some foreign newspapers to exaggerate the narrative about us, but high temperatures are physiological in this season and in no way compromise our tourism offer, which remains solid, quality, varied, and sustainable."

Outlets like CBC recently reported that data from the European Travel Commission showed the number of tourists planning to travel to the Mediterranean region in June to November has fallen 10 per cent compared with last year, while cooler destinations like the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland and Bulgaria have seen a spike in interest.

"I would like to reassure visitors who come to Italy from all over the world that here they will find a climate suitable for the summer season without any particular criticality or risk. Come and enjoy Italy in all its splendour in the most luxuriant period," said ENIT President and CEO Ivana Jelinic.

ENIT shared that the tourist season in Italy is “booming” with numbers that have surpassed 2019 for some target segments.

"We are waiting for you in Italy where, between the sea and the mountains, passing through lakes, hills, villages, walking paths, amusement parks, spas, culture, or biking tours focused on wine and food areas, tourists can really enjoy unique experiences, of all kinds and responding to anyone's needs," said Santanchè.

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