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Monday,  February 26, 2024 3:14 AM 

Israel debuts campaign that inspires travellers to venture "Anywhere"

Israel debuts campaign that inspires travellers to venture "Anywhere"
A scene from Israel's new "Anywhere" tourism campaign. (Screenshot)
Pax Global Media

Recognizing that travel is not always about where you go but the experiences you encounter once you’re there, the Israel Ministry of Tourism has launched its newest campaign—Anywhere—enticing travellers to explore Israel. 

The digital campaign was born from research gathered from Google, which reported a significant increase in flight searches not necessarily tied to a specific destination. 

The data revealed a global increase of approximately 400 per cent during the first half of this year when online users requested information pertaining to “Google flights to anywhere” compared to similar online searches in 2022.

The Israel Ministry of Tourism’s new digital-only campaign and its messaging—Israel can take you anywhere--encourages travellers to explore everything Israel has to offer, availing themselves to new experiences, cultures and discoveries. 

The fast-paced, online video content is highly appealing with a FOMO effect (Fear of Missing Out) inspiring viewers to “stop searching, start traveling” and “don’t get FOMO, get a ticket now.”

“As a destination known for its innovation, we are also adapting our messaging based on the most up to date trends in global consumer habits – both in the medium and the messages,” said Eyal Carlin, tourism commissioner to North America for the Israel Ministry of Tourism, in a press release. “While people are searching to go anywhere, we are here to show that Israel has anything and everything and is much more than Anywhere.”

You can watch the new spot here

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