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Tuesday,  March 5, 2024 12:07 AM 

Do your clients thrive on “slow adventure?” Connecting to nature starts in Europe

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  •   05-04-2021  4:38 am
  •   ADVERTORIAL - The European Travel Commission (ETC)

Do your clients thrive on “slow adventure?” Connecting to nature starts in Europe
Europe invites travellers to return, when the time is right, and experience nature at their own pace. (ETC)
ADVERTORIAL - The European Travel Commission (ETC)

For clients who are driven by a curiosity for the natural world, Europe is the place to satisfy that desire for discovery.

Europe invites travellers to return, when the time is right, and experience nature at their own pace, find togetherness in the wilderness and gain a deeper understanding of the environments they encounter.

The term for this travel trend is “slow adventure,” which is about building itineraries that champion leisurely, immersive journeys and heartfelt encounters with wild places and natural spaces.

“Slow adventure" is about planning immersive journeys with wild places and natural spaces. (ETC)

“Slow adventure presents an opportunity for visitors travelling to Europe to slow down, escape their everyday lives and immerse themselves in nature,” says Eduardo Santander, executive director of the European Travel Commission (ETC). “It’s a responsible travel choice where you really want to connect with the places and cultures you are visiting and their environments.”

In other words, now is the time to invite your clients to experience Mother Nature – on her own time frames.

Being close to nature

Participants in slow adventure experiences seek mindfulness and calmness in the outdoors.

Slow adventure is not only a type of travel, but also a philosophy that includes all elements of a journey – the joys and hardships of outdoor living, for example.

Participants in slow adventure experiences seek mindfulness and calmness in the outdoors. (ETC)

It’s self-propelled travel and engagement with natural environments.

Slow adventurers want to move through the landscape at a slow pace and reconnect with nature.

This is not just a travel trend. Rather, it’s a lifestyle that people adopt.

Slow adventurers enjoy engaging with remote and wild places. They’ll set aside the adrenaline rush and instead journey through breathtaking landscapes at a slower, immersive pace, reflecting, reconnecting.

Nature hikes through Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. (Ivo Scholz)

They enjoy simply being close to nature.

“Europe is ready to welcome these visitors and offer them unique experiences which also contribute to the development and sustainability of local economies in lesser known areas,” says Mr. Santander.

Diversify the itinerary

For travel advisors looking to diversify and find new experiences for their clients, Slow Adventure is a way to provide something unique and different as travel gradually resumes.  

Where jet skiing gets people on the water, paddle boarding gets them in touch with the water.

It’s about pairing movement with relaxation and wellness, offering travellers the chance to reconnect with nature and, more importantly, with themselves.

Hiking in Lanzarote, one of the Canary islands off the coast of West Africa administered by Spain. (ETC)

There’s no rush here – slow adventurers won’t be running up the hill to score a great view.

Instead, they’ll meander up at their own pace, taking in the whole experience.

These travellers take the time to pause and make eco-conscious travel choices, leaving no discernible footprint behind, interacting with local cultural and natural rhythms, engaging with communities, and returning home with a finer appreciation of life.

Are your clients slow adventurers? Then Europe is the right destination for them to connect with nature, when the time is right.

Celebrate slow adventure

Slow travel destinations in Europe have multiple surprises in store for explorers, from wild food and wildlife to taking sanctuary in the great outdoors, and enjoying human and nature-powered highlights, all deeply rooted in a sense of place.

It’s an open invitation to see scenery, meet locals, hear their stories and learn about their traditions, philosophy and ways of life.

Slow Adventure is self-propelled travel & engagement with natural environments. (ETC)

Whether it’s delicious gastronomy, centuries-old traditions, cinematic scenery, arts and crafts, wonderful people, or the inimitable European approach to life, Europe has it all.

Europe is a celebration of slow adventures amid nature in incredible destinations where travellers can discover picturesque national parks, Instagram-worthy coastlines and beaches, fertile valleys, snow-capped mountains and welcoming locals. 

It’s unrivalled diversity of landscapes, rural life and wildlife knows no bounds, united by borderless travel, shared principles, and collective values.

With slow adventure, your clients can explore one effortless continent and uncover countless natural experiences.

Every day, at every turn. 

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