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Monday,  July 15, 2024 7:14 AM 

Belize expands airlift this winter with new visitor experiences

Belize expands airlift this winter with new visitor experiences
Belize (supplied)
Pax Global Media

The Belize Tourism Board says it is making the Central American destination even more enticing and accessible with new offerings and seasonal airlift from WestJet and Air Canada.

WestJet’s seasonal airlift, which began on November 1, 2023, runs through May 4, 2024. 

This year, the airline has expanded its seasonal offerings with additional nonstop flights from Toronto and Calgary to Belize City. 

The tourism board said the service will operate three times a week from Toronto (Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday) and twice a week from Calgary (Friday and Saturday), providing more flexibility for travellers seeking the beaches, jungles, and rich cultural experiences that await in Belize.

Air Canada Rouge also offers seasonal airlift out of Toronto, offering a weekly flight every Friday from December 8, 2023, until March 29, 2024, further expanding the options for Canadians to explore the destination.

New experiences in 2024

Beyond expanded airlift, Belize also has exciting new experiences that visitors can look forward to for their next visit to the destination. 

Belize Tourism Board reports that the following hotel and attraction experiences are available:

Ajaw Chocolate, a local favourite, is introducing its Farm Tour and Chocolate Making in San Ignacio. Visitors can participate in classes every hour, immersing themselves in the art of chocolate making.

For socially conscious travellers, the Kind Traveler's Every Stay Gives Back (ESGB) community impact program, launched by Gaia Riverlodge and Matachica in September 2023, allows guests to contribute to local charities with every stay, creating a meaningful impact on the communities they visit.

Sleeping Giant, one of Belize’s luxury resorts known for its natural surroundings and unique accommodations, is set to delight glampers with tent-like cabins, offering a unique and luxurious camping experience, slated to launch in February 2024.

Adventurous travellers can embark on the Sibun River Canoe Float experience at Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. With expert guides, safety measures, and a duration of 3.5 to 4 hours, this adventure promises "an unforgettable encounter with Belize's natural wonders."

Nature enthusiasts will find their haven with the Toledo Belize Birding Club, a group that welcomes both beginners and experienced birders. Monthly bird club meetings on the last Sunday of each month, starting at 6 am, invite participants to explore the diverse birdlife of the Toledo countryside, with optional breakfast available at a nominal cost.

The Scuba School And Family Dive Center Belize is enhancing the diving experience with a range of PADI Dive Specialties Courses, allowing enthusiasts to explore different facets of diving under the guidance of experienced instructors. 

This past November 2023, the National Garifuna Council (NGC) marked the 200th anniversary since approximately 500 Garinagu arrived in Belize from Honduras.

Garifuna Settlement Day is an annual celebration that honours the influx of Garinagu to Belize on November 19, 1823.

For its 200th year, NGC revealed the official theme for the celebrations called "Wamúa, wanichigu lubá ámuñegü: óundaruni hama nibureintian lun labagaridu Garifuna lárigi bían san irumu ya Balisi," which translates to "Our Land, Our Culture, Our Future: Involving Our Youth for Garifuna Survival After 200 Years in Belize." 

According to the tourism board, this theme captures the essence of the Garifuna people's historical journey, emphasizing the vital preservation of their distinctive culture, its transmission to successive generations, and ensuring its enduring vibrancy within Belize and beyond. 

 For more information about the destination and curated itineraries in Belize, visit here.

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