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Wednesday,  June 12, 2024 11:14 AM 

Intrepid launches new trips dedicated to rail travel

Intrepid launches new trips dedicated to rail travel
(Intrepid Travel)
Pax Global Media

Intrepid Travel is launching new trips dedicated to rail travel which includes 40 trips and three brand new itineraries; Trans-Mongolian Railway AdventureExpress to the Orient: Paris to Istanbuland Paris to Rome by Rail

The itineraries will cater to the rising trend of train travel, with new data from Intrepid showing 75 per cent of travellers are hoping to take a train on their next trip. 

The launch reflects Intrepid’s long-term product development plans, replacing internal flights with less carbon-intensive options, where viable, as part of its global decarbonization strategy. 

 Intrepid’s rail journeys offer travellers an added dimension of discovery, allowing customers to travel slower, experience more of the countryside and have more opportunities for local interaction on everyday commuter trains. 

Each rail trip will be accompanied by one of Intrepid’s local leaders, who will not only help travellers navigate complex routes and stations, but also maximize the experiences during rest stops and overnight stays. 

With an average group size of 10-12 travellers, Intrepid rail trips offer customers community, conversation, and a sense of connection.  

 As part of this new trip category, Intrepid will offer iconic routes like Bangkok to Southern Thailand, and lesser-known routes like Varanasi to Agra, India, as well as rail family adventures from Tokyo to Kyoto and Rome to Pompeii. 

The launch is also highlighted by three brand-new itineraries. 

New rail itineraries  

1.     Trans-Mongolian Railway Adventure (11 Days from $4035, CAD)  

2.     Express to the Orient: Paris to Istanbul (15 Days from $5435, CAD) 

3.     Paris to Rome by Rail (10 Days from $5030 cad) 

Train travel motivators 

Intrepid recently conducted external research, surveying 2,800 travellers in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. 

The data shows that 75 per cent of travellers are interested in taking a train journey during their next trip, primarily motivated by scenery, relaxation, and the iconic nature of historic rail routes. In addition, more travellers are considering the environmental impact of their trips, with 87 per cent reporting that they would consider an alternative form of transportation during their travels if it reduced their carbon footprint – 31 per cent of which would do so even if it meant taking a longer route. 

The increased focus on rail is part of the company’s broader decarbonization efforts.  

To learn more about Intrepid’s train trips, click here.

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