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Sunday,  June 23, 2024 6:59 AM 

Hidden gems equally as important as landmarks: TTC Tour Brands reveals latest trends

Hidden gems equally as important as landmarks: TTC Tour Brands reveals latest trends
Tour of Italy with Trafalgar. (TTC Tour Brands)
Pax Global Media

TTC Tour Brands has unveiled its findings from its annual Big Tour Study, a global survey – including more than 1,800 Canadian TTC Tour travellers – to reveal the latest tour trends for travel advisors booking open-aged brands Trafalgar, Luxury Gold, Insight Vacations, Brendan Vacations and Costsaver.  

The results reveal key motivators on going guided, overarching travel sentiment and the implications on the tour industry at large.

“We strive to create the most knowledgeable and resourceful advisor community in the industry and continue to identify ways to better support our partners in their business, said Guy Young, chief engagement officer of TTC Tour Brands. “This comprehensive annual study will continuously demonstrate what the thousands of TTC tour travellers  seek in their travel experience and serve as an asset for travel advisors, arming them with the insights they need to make the sale.”

“Beyond knowing the in’s-and-out’s of each brand and itinerary, understanding traveller sentiment and purchase consideration is crucial information that our advisors need in their pockets to personally pair each traveller with the right travel experience for them – from premium to value, luxury or special interest."

5 key insights 

Here’s the top 5 key insights TTC Tour’s Big Tour Study uncovered:

Hidden Gems Become Equally as Important as Landmark Travel Experiences

Majority of TTC Tour travellers cite bucket list travel experiences as the top motivator for going guided (55%) but ranking as even more important is the desire to experience those off-the-beaten path moments that you may only find through an expertly guided tour (61%). 

Ireland landscape. (Brendan Vacations)

While travellers continue to select guided tours to tick off bucket list travel like exploring the National Parks or sipping Tuscan wine in the countryside, hidden gems like dining with an indigenous community in the Dakotas or visiting a historic family-owned and operated vineyard in the hills of Italy is becoming equally as important to tour travellers as they select their next guided tour and it's the reason TTC Tour Brands continues to forge new and strengthen existing relationships with local hosts.

Guided Tours Create Assurance in Destination and Logistical Expertise

Tour travellers choose guided tours for the assurance of expertise. 68 percent of TTC travellers trust that TTC organizers are the utmost experts in planning an all-around ideal travel experience.

New Cultures & New Countries Drive Higher Spending and More Bookings

The research demonstrates that diving into new cultures (70%) and ticking off a new country (69%) are driving factors for booking a tour. Advisors can convert more sales by diving into the itinerary highlights in new destinations with rich culture elements. 

These travellers are also open to spending more on travel to guarantee a premium (31%) and personalized experience (40%).

Tour Travellers Seek Connection with Like-Minded Travellers

Traveling with a tour provides guests the opportunity to easily connect with like-minded travellers, and nearly half of tour travellers cited this is something they seek in their guided travel experience. This is a key sales point when advising clients on the benefits of going guided or traveling solo.  

The Two-Week European Getaway Reigns Most Popular with Working Professionals

Majority of Canadian working professionals who book with TTC Tour are opting for tours between 8-14 days which aligns with Canada’s PTO policy. Retirees are 16% more likely to book a tour 15+days compared to working professionals in Canada.

The top regions of interest are Europe & Britain (86%) with the top destinations being Italy (37%), England (36%) and Spain (33%).

Respondents in the city were majority female (69%), aged 55+ (91%) and retired (67%) with average house hold income of $100K.

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