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Monday,  July 22, 2024   3:18 PM
Agents honoured at annual Karisma Awards

Karisma Hotels & Resorts recently held its seventh Annual Karisma Awards at the El Dorado Royale, located on theMartine Phaneuf of Vacances Le Faubourg and Sylvie Murdock of Transat Tours Riviera Maya, to reward companies and North American agents who have reached top sales levels.

Dozens of plaques were awarded during the evening, which ended with the distribution of $100,000 in cash for the winners, another expression of the recognition Karisma gives to its best representatives.

While most of the recipients at the annual gala were American travel agents, there were some Canadians as well. Sylvie Murdock, head of sales of Transat Tours, received an award on behalf of her company, while Martine Phaneuf, owner of Vacances Le Faubourg in Boisbriand, Quebec, was rewarded for her sales level of two Diamonds, as ranked by Karisma.

How is it that so few Quebecers were awarded considering she sells so many sun destinations in Quebec? When questioned about this by PAX News during our stay at the El Dorado Hotel, Canadian Sabrina Filatow, director of national sales for Karisma, said that many Quebec agents are not enrolled in the GIVC (Gourmet Inclusive Vacation Consultant) program, which offers the generous rewards available to travel agents.

Sabrina Filatow, director of national sales at Karisma; Jose Martinez, owner, El Dorado Spa Resorts and Hotels; Martine Phaneuf, owner, Vacances Le FaubourgIf there is a Quebecer that knows and appreciates Karisma, it is Martine Phaneuf, who had obtained an invitation to the gala for the second consecutive year. Diamonds are obtained by the amount of nights sold in a year. She had obtained recognition Level 1 last year and rose another level this year. She aims in the future to climb to the top level of 5.

The owner of Vacances Le Faubourg, an agency that specializes in high-end vacation packages, Phaneuf said she discovered the Karisma chain, which includes El Dorado hotels (adults), Generations Resorts (family) and Azul (family), during a familiarization trip. She was particularly impressed by the Gourmet Inclusive plan, along with the superior quality rooms, food and alcohol. Another invaluable advantage in her eyes was the quality of service for both travel agents and customers. Often within hours, with a single email, the problems raised by a client are resolved.

"It’s service that is beyond what we can expect,” she says. “Karisma is very close to the agents. That is what is wonderful about this company. "

She also appreciates the Incentive program for agents, which in her opinion is one of the best on the market.

All award recipients were hosted without charge for several days on the site of El Dorado hotels and Karisma organized their two exceptional theme nights with meals - one Bikers and one Arabian Nights, with belly dancers and real camels.

Phaneuf notes that Karisma is still relatively unknown in Quebec, but said they have no trouble selling them to their customers despite higher prices than other channels.

"Customers want to discover new products. It is for us to educate them," she said.

For its part, the leadership of Karisma Hotels & Resorts is making more and more efforts to make themselves known to the Quebec and Canadian customers. It has partnerships with Canadian companies (all of the beef provided in its restaurants comes from Canada), and has appointed a Business Development Manager in Toronto. Alex Portman, the manager of Azul Fives, is a Quebecer, as well as Stephanie Pincince, one of its internal sales agents. Karisma has begun to translate documents to French as well. Transat Tours also offers the Azul Fives exclusively for the Quebec market.

Azul Fives owners took advantage of the awards ceremony to present their new facilities to officers from across North America. During the visit, Mexican workers were busy finishing a new building with 120 rooms, including 64 suites. With this expansion - completed at a cost of $40 million - Azul Fives increases from 360 to 480 rooms and suites.

As part of this expansion, the former hotel parking lot was turned into a mini plaza. Four new restaurants, including a replica of an old Mexican cantina, were added and the lobby of the hotel has been completely refurbished.

The new building at Azul Fives will add 120 rooms to the property.












The new plaza at Azul Fives












The beach at Azul Fives will also be expanded

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