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6 Mexican destinations more Canadians should visit

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  •   03-31-2015  11:19 am

6 Mexican destinations more Canadians should visit

Strolling around the trade show floor of Tianguis Turistico 2015, it's easy to find the typical Canadian favourites: Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta. But as a destination blessed with cultural, historical and natural beauty, there are many places less-explored by travellers from the Great White North that ought to receive a little more attention.


1. Chihuahua

Copper Canyon

The main attraction of this "State that has it all" is Copper Canyon, which is four-times wider and four-times deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Popular activities include horseback rides through indigenous villages and visits to lakes and waterfalls. The recently-opened Copper Canyon Adventure Park features the longest zip line in the world, Zip Rider, spanning an impressive three kilometres and reaching 120 kilometres per hour. A more traditional zip line course features a circuit of seven, while those who are interested in taking an easy ride to enjoy the views can opt for a cable car. Copper Canyon is a five-hour drive from the state capital, or travellers can opt for the local passenger train, Chepe.

2. Durango


Located in the north part of Mexico, Durango is known as "the Hollywood of Mexico." Visitors can benefit from close proximity to the beaches of Mazatlan (a two-hour drive from Durango city) while exploring the unique appeal of this state with more than 450 years of history. Durango has been used as a movie set for more than 100 movies starring famous names such as John Wayne, Ringo Starr, Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruz. The Villa del Oeste is a theme park of movie sets, complete with banks and saloons. To explore this attraction, visitors can dress-up and be transported back to the days of the Wild West.

3. Guadalajara


The birthplace of tequila, Mariachi music and the wide-brimmed sombrero. Need we say more?

4. San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende

This historical town of the state of Guanajuato offers an experience "that will change your life forever," according to Karla Aguilera Hernandez of Durango's tourism office. Offering more than 100 hotels only amounting to 2,000 rooms, this exclusive destination boasts a mix of history, architecture, eclectic shopping, art and more. Culinary experiences are also a large defining factor, with 76 restaurants inspired by the 64 cultures living in the area. Hernandez says that the local gastronomy is unique from the rest of Mexico, stemming from three different roots: organic, traditional and cosmopolitan. San Miguel is a three hour drive from Mexico City or a one-hour drive from Del Bajio airport.

5. Puebla


A World Heritage City, Puebla is not lacking in things to see and do. Known as Mexico's City of Angels, Puebla is one of the oldest in Mexico with design dating back to the 1500s. It is said that every culinary dish in Puebla has a history behind it, with Mexican mole being no exception, as this is the place where the country's famous dish originated. In addition, while Canadians are well-familiar with Cinco de Mayo, many are not aware that the celebration stems from The Battle of Puebla during the French occupation of Mexico in the mid 1800s.

6. Ensenada, Baja California

Ensenada, Baja California

Of course, when you think alcoholic beverages stemming from Mexico, tequila is always first to come to mind. But now, there is a burgeoning wine scene in the country, 90 per cent of which comes from Ensenada, Baja California. The area has grown to more than 100 wineries in the last 50 years, paired with a good scene that features Baja Med cuisine - a fusion of local and European dishes. In fact, Ensenada is home to three of the best restaurants in Latin America. For the most exclusive experience, boutique accommodations are available throughout the wine country, while guests can also explore the culture and history of the city as well. To get there, travellers can easily access Ensenada via LAX or Tijuana. 

All photos provided by the Mexico Tourism Board