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Thursday,  June 13, 2024 12:54 AM 

PAX On Location: Club Med Cefalu is officially open

PAX On Location: Club Med Cefalu is officially open
Christine Hogg

Christine Hogg is the Associate Digital Editor at PAX Global Media. Prior to joining PAX, she obtained her Honours BA in Journalism from the University of Toronto. Upon graduating, she went on to write for several travel publications while travelling the world. Her longest trip was a three-week stint in Europe, and the shortest was a 16-hour adventure in Iceland. Get in touch:

Club Med Cefalu is officially open.

After closing in 2006 in order to undergo a series of renovations, Club Med Cefalu has reopened its doors as of yesterday (June 10).

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The reopening of the beloved resort has positioned Club Med Cefalu to be the first Club Med Exclusive Collection resort on the Mediterranean Sea, and the only Club Med in Italy. Now, this is Club Med's only 5-Trident property in Europe.

PAX joined Club Med from June 2 to June 6 for a soft launch that granted an exclusive look at the revitalized property.

Club Med Cefalu originally debuted in 1957, and over the years, went through a series of upgrades and changes. Now, with exquisite interior designs by Sophie Jacqmin and an architectural rebirth by King Roselli, Club Med Cefalu has positioned itself to be the ideal summer retreat for active couples and multigenerational travellers.

Sicily, unspoiled

Located just 90 minutes from the Palermo airport, Club Med Cefalu was built into the cliffs of the Sicilian coast, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The design elements do their best to mimic the natural environment, without spoiling the authentic culture and history that Sicily has to offer, said Jerry King, part of the duo at King Roselli. In fact, when the resort closed in 2006, it allowed the natural landscape to take over in part, with the florals and cacti resuming their place in the landscape.

“There was an existing Club Med resort here at the time, and it was based on the old format, sort of straw cabins distributed over the whole side,” King told PAX. “There are several old walls that you can see which sort of the inspiration for some of the materials that were used, especially the dry stone that we used to build the walls of the rooms. The layouts of the rooms were based on the concept of trying to make the rooms emerge from the ground in the same way that the dry-stone walls do, in common with the natural rocks emerging from the site, giving very strong characteristic to the Sicilian culture that is Cefalu. The relation of the wild to the city was the main motif in the project.”

The choice of materials and the construction of the bungalows came from the idea of merging with the landscape itself. The private bungalows are located closer to the cliffs and are surrounded by plants and flowers. As the plants continue to grow, they will shield the bungalows, allowing them to further blend in with the rugged landscape.

The colour palette used in the construction process (chocolate brown, taupe, grey) further mutes the man-made bungalows, allowing the structures to blend in harmoniously, rather than stand out and distract from the natural beauty of Cefalu.

Beauty, refined

On the inside, Club Med Cefalu dazzles.

Interior designer Sophie Jacqmin created every single room in the resort, and put the finishing touches on everything from the choice of lighting fixtures to the linens.

Speaking with PAX, Jacqmin told us that her inspiration for Club Med Cefalu came from the beauty of a pearl, trapped inside an oyster. In this sense, the pearl represents the luxury of Club Med Cefalu, while the oyster’s shell represents the rugged landscape the resort is set amongst.

“The main thing is to respect nature, and to align with the concepts put forth by King Roselli,” Jacqmin said. “The interior designs pay tribute to a Baroque theme, frequently seen in Sicilian palaces, but also the history and architecture of Sicily. The final outtake is a fresh and contemporary approach that invites you to walk around; sharing these spaces with family and friends.”

Multiple rooms at Club Med Cefalu blend whites, creams, and light blues and greens to mimic the sea, while splashes of silver and gold play upon the metaphor of the pearl.

See the photos below for our exclusive look at Club Med Cefalu, now open!


IMG_7345.jpgGuests can explore the Mediterranean Sea.

IMG_7366.jpgThe rooms at Club Med Cefalu were designed to blend into the natural Sicilian landscape, like the rocks on the cliffs.

IMG_7517.JPGCacti and other plants have been left as they are at Club Med Cefalu, to ensure nature and architecture blend harmoniously.

IMG_7530.JPGThe architecture by King Roselli worked to ensure that attributes of Sicillian culture were respected, such as this authentic old wall, whose purpose was to once guard the coasts of Sicily from invaders.

IMG_7539.JPGThe bungalow suites at Cl;ub Med Cefalu offer gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea.

IMG_7557.JPGBungalow suites at Club Med Cefalu.

IMG_7572.JPGThe Palazzo, Club Med Cefalu.

IMG_6172.JPGThe main pool at Club Med Cefalu.


_MP_8808-HDR.jpgSuite rooms, Photo: Club Med

_MP_9302.jpgReception area, Photo: Club Med

_MP_8902-HDR.jpgInside the Palazzo. Photo: Club Med

_AEL5655.jpgBar inside the Palazzo. Photo: Club Med

_MP_8875-HDR.jpgInside the Palazzo. Photo: Club Med

_MP_9955-HDR.jpgExcursions desk, Club Med Cefalu. Photo: Club Med

_MP_9945.jpgThe spa at Club Med Cefalu. Photo: Club Med