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Saturday,  May 25, 2024 2:23 PM 

RCI names Éric St-Pierre as its new national accounts manager

RCI names Éric St-Pierre as its new national accounts manager

Éric St-Pierre, better known to the agent community by his nickname Eric of the Seas, climbs the ranks at Royal Caribbean International and becomes national accounts manager for Canada. St-Pierre's will take over the previous role filled by Mary Ogaki, who passed away at the beginning of last month. St-Pierre was previously a strategic accounts manager and was very involved with travel agents.

Interim and hiring

Although he has been in his new position since May 8, Éric St-Pierre still performs his duties as strategic director during the interim, at least until a new candidate is hired.

"I'm still both hands in, up to my elbow!" St-Pierre jokes. "But I explained it very clearly to the agents: although it will not be me who will make the final selection of the candidate who will replace me, I will of course make sure of the mentoring until it is autonomous in its functions. We want to ensure a healthy transition.""

And what will happen to the very popular Facebook group Eric of the Seas? "Let's say I hope my substitute will not be called Eric, it's my copyright, even my family calls me that!" St-Pierre laughed. "The page may need to change its name if the next strategic account manager has a different surname."

Greater responsibilities

"As in any corporate change, the position has been re-evaluated. It's an internal openness I've applied to, and I've been selected," St-Pierre told PAX.

"The difference between the two positions is that my new role will be more macro. We will work mainly with the leaders of major Canadian chains in addition to tour operators, to create mutually beneficial marketing strategies to maintain and increase our shares. We will revise the map keeping most of the national accounts. There will be small adjustments."

Note that Live Travel and the Atrium Group, in particular, will become national groups.

"RCI has always been very active in the market and we will continue to be. It is a sign of the quality of our products and our service, this representation," St-Pierre explained. "We want to keep this quality. That's probably why I won the PAX Awards of Excellence in 2017."