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Saturday,  May 25, 2024 12:54 PM 

5 reasons to book a multigenerational cruise

5 reasons to book a multigenerational cruise

The cruise sector enjoyed a record year in 2016, reaching the dizzying heights of 24.7 million passengers on board ocean vessels. CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) is anticipating even greater figures for 2017, with a forecast of 25.8 million passengers on cruise ships this year.

Among the most dynamic cruise niches include multigenerational travel. Here are 5 reasons you should cruise with parents, children and grandparents!

Services and activities for all ages

There is no shortage of equipment and activities aboard a cruise ship to please all age groups, regardless of their interests. Grandparents who love adventure can try a surfing simulator or indoor diving with their family, or if they wish to slow down, they can participate in visits to historic sites. Most cruises also offer children’s programs, teen clubs and supervised activities, including karaoke, cooking classes, treasure hunts, and even dance competitions.

Flexible holidays

Choosing to cruise is about getting a ‘zero stress’ journey and enjoying a flexible vacation. Depending on the preferences of the different members of the family, it’s possible to choose a ship adapted to the wishes of each, that takes into account activities for the whole family. Grandchildren and young travellers can even get involved in the journey planning process by helping, for example, choose the destination(s) or a particular trip.

Group or solo exploration

While cruises offer families an unparalleled opportunity to spend time together, they can also allow the chance to ‘sail alone.’ Family members can, for example, do activities on their own during the day, but get together in the evening for a pleasant family meal.

Stress-free planning

Cruises allow travellers to easily combine transportation, accommodation, meals and activities in one vacation package – ideal for families who want a stress-free planning experience. A travel agent can also help cruise passengers find the best options based on the desires of the different family members, and offer a vacation suited to large groups of people travelling together.

Discovering and sharing the world

Cruises offer grandparents the chance to forge even stronger ties with their own, especially by sharing the joy of travelling and discovering the beauty of the world together. Cruise holidays allow all family members, regardless of age, to explore new landscapes, taste new cuisine, and soak up different cultures, while creating memories that will last forever.

Source: CLIA