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Monday,  March 4, 2024 11:20 PM 

European cities are calling the creatively curious

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  •   03-15-2021  6:04 am
  •   ADVERTORIAL - The European Travel Commission (ETC)

European cities are calling the creatively curious
Skyscraper (The Bruges Whale), an art installation in Bruges, Belgium. (ETC)
ADVERTORIAL - The European Travel Commission (ETC)

The reopening of Europe’s travel scene is effectively positioned for those curious clients who thrive on being creative.

If there was a time to encourage your customers to dig up their passport, and start planning their next escape, it’s now, as Europe invites the curious – the adventurers, the dreamers, the ones who like to travel to the beat of their own drum.

After all, Europe’s creativity is steeped in history and tradition.

“Europe has been innovating for centuries – and it shows no sign of slowing down,” says Eduardo Santander, executive director of the European Travel Commission (ETC). “European history is a star-strewn catalogue of trailblazing artists, poets, explorers, writers, architects, musicians, composers, philosophers, thinkers and more.”

Basel, located on the Rhine River, in northwest Switzerland. (ETC)

“This creative spirit shapes Europe’s cities today, where a host of unforgettable, unusual experiences await discerning explorers.”

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Moreover, European cities are the perfect place where your clientele can experience life lit up.

Cities are where art and nature are cherished, where community is key, where heritage is revered and reinvented, and where new friendships begin.

Travel away from crowds, too, has emerged as a promising post-pandemic trend, so it’s wise to focus on those itineraries that show a new side of Europe, where creativity runs free.

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain. (ETC)

From the tile-adorned alleyways of Porto in Portugal to edible treasures in San Sebastian in Spain, awe-inspiring architecture in Denmark’s Aarhus and future-thinking Linz in Austria (whose cobbled stone streets and Baroque buildings give no clues to the street art and tech thrills in store), Europe’s cities will leave your clients feeling captivated and inspired.

A continent of contrasts 

Europe is a “continent of contrasts,” says Mr. Santander.

It’s where UNESCO treasures rub shoulders with genre-defying architecture; where visitors hop from historic churches and monuments to art installations and late-night parties; where cultural riches range from Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces to colour-pop street art.

Art performance in Ghent, a port city in northwest Belgium. (Steven Hendrix)

“From innovative gastronomy to hipster cycling scenes, cutting-edge design and covetable fashion, it’s all here waiting in Europe’s creative cities,” he says.

Remarkable gastronomy

Europe is also home to some of the world’s most delicious dishes and magnificent recipes.

The food and drink scenes are exciting and diverse – and locals won’t let your clients ever go hungry.

Europe’s menus are only getting tastier as local ingredients and popular classics get dazzling updates and reinventions, courtesy of the latest imaginations, trends and technology.

In planning out your client’s next European trip, challenge them to taste something they’ve never tasted before.  

Wow-factor fashion and design

Europe’s rich history in textiles, art and design provides endless inspiration for modern creators – making Europe a wonderful destination for shopping.

Urge your clients to hunt out each city’s best flea markets, vintage shops, designer labels and futuristic one-stop concept stores, where locals gather to browse, drink, eat, work and play.

Europe’s rich history in art and design provides endless inspiration. (ETC)

Your customers will see just how old crafts and traditions are being reinvented with a 21st-century sensibility – invite them to invest in souvenirs that are made with love, skill and care.

Europe is the person place to embark on an artisan treasure hunt, explore food markets, artists’ colonies and tucked-away boutiques, microbreweries and zero-waste cafés.

Get your clients in the mood

And your clients can indulge in wanderlust without even leaving their home.

To inspire their next Europe trip, invite them on a virtual tour of that gallery or museum they can’t wait to visit, or browse a brilliant array of European stories.

Build a grocery list for them of European staples, from fresh pasta to the continent’s creamiest cheeses, perkiest coffee, finest chocolates and tastiest cured meats. It can all be ordered online with just a click of a button.

Marburg-Biedenkopf, a district in the west of Hesse, Germany. (ETC)

And, of course, nothing sparks inspiration more than a good song and drink.

Use this time now to compile a playlist of some of Europe’s finest musical acts for your clients and include a list of European wines and beers, for good measure, so they can toast their next adventure.

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