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Friday,  May 24, 2024 2:41 AM 

Italy “most booked” destination for 2024 by Canadian F1S advisors

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  •   12-14-2023  1:03 am
  •   Pax Global Media

Italy “most booked” destination for 2024 by Canadian F1S advisors
Manarola, Italy. (Unsplash/Jack Ward)
Pax Global Media

Italy leads all other countries by a wide margin among the top international destinations currently being booked for 2024 by Canadian travel advisors, according to First in Service Travel LTD (F1S).

In newly-released survey results, when F1S advisors were each asked to name the top three locations they are booking outside Canada, Italy ranks first with 67 per cent.

This marks the third year in a row that Italy has been the top international destination, according to F1S advisors.

Italy also maintains its first-place ranking by a healthy margin when survey results of F1S advisors in the United States are added into the mix. 

“The ongoing desire among Canadians to visit Italy simply cannot be overstated. It is as popular as ever,” said Fernando Gonzalez, F1S’s CEO, in a press release. “Among the most sought-after places we’re seeing within Italy for next year include Rome, Puglia and the Amalfi Coast, which together offer unparalleled history, culture, epicurean delights and natural beauty.”

Among the Canadian F1S advisors naming Italy as one of their three top destinations are Erica Tu, Linda Montemarano and Crystal Lynn Lambkin: 

“For Italy, I arranged several multi-generational family trips, such as grandparents taking the grandchildren to see where they grew up and wanted to share their culture,” Lambkin noted in a press release.

Top destinations

F1S’ top country destinations from Canada include:

  • Italy (67 per cent, with Amalfi Coast, Puglia and Rome all named)
  • France (25 per cent named)
  • Mexico (25 per cent, with Mexico City named)
  • Portugal (25 per cent)
  • Spain (25 per cent, with Madrid named)
  • Greece (17 per cent)
  • Japan (17 per cent, with Tokyo named)
  • United States (17 per cent, with Alaska and Hawaii named)

Paris, France. (Michael Pihach)“While there are no real surprises on this list of top countries our advisors are booking, Portugal has certainly cemented its status as a must-see destination,” stated Gonzalez. “The demand for travel to Japan has only intensified over the past year since the country reopened after the pandemic, and we fully expect that trend to continue.”

“Portugal is a bit more reasonably priced than other European countries,” added F1S advisor Michelle Green, adding that river cruising is very popular within Portugal.

Porto, Portugal. (Unsplash/Nick Karvounis)

Combined results of Canadian & U.S. advisors

When the international bookings of First in Service travel advisors are blended with those from U.S.-based advisors, Italy remains solidly in first place, but the rest of the mix varies:

  • Italy (56 per cent)
  • France (32 per cent)
  • United Kingdom (24 per cent)
  • Japan (20 per cent)
  • Spain (20 per cent)
  • Greece (16 per cent)
  • Mexico (16 per cent)
  • Spain (16 per cent)
  • Costa Rica (8 per cent)
  • Croatia (8 per cent)
  • Iceland (8 per cent)

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