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Friday,  May 17, 2024 8:07 PM 

Happy Travel Advisor Day (and Month) from Pax Global Media!

Happy Travel Advisor Day (and Month) from Pax Global Media!
Uguette Chiasson, founder and president, Pax Global Media Inc. (Supplied)
Uguette Chiasson

Uguette Chiasson is the founder and CEO of PAX Global Media, a multi-platform publishing house specialized in the Canadian travel trade. She's been an integral part of the industry for 30 years.

Travel advisors – every year, on the first Wednesday of May, is dedicated to you.

This initiative launched a few years ago, by Coleen Lorenzen, operations manager at Uniglobe, to recognize the tremendous work of advisors throughout Canada.

It all started with a visit from a Staples supplier to Coleen's office. The person was handing out pretty carnations to the advisors. When she asked why she was doing this, she was told it was for "Secretary's Day."

Immediately, Colleen thought that if there was a day dedicated to that profession, then there should be one for travel advisors. The launch of "Travel Advisor Day" in 2011 allowed our industry to receive the recognition they deserve, as the profession continues to evolve.

Advisors have faced significant changes in their work, especially since the pandemic. A friend who recently purchased a trip told me she bought it through a virtual consultation with her advisor and will receive her tickets electronically. She is part of a group of 30 people, and they were all at the virtual meeting. As people of my age say, "We would have never seen this in our time." How times have changed!

Travel Advisor Month, as the celebration has become, is the perfect opportunity to recognize and celebrate everything you bring to the travel industry. Your ability to inspire, advise, and guide travellers in planning their adventures is truly remarkable. You are much more than just travel planners; you offer them unforgettable travel experiences, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Your work is not just about planning trips but enriching the lives of those you serve.

During this special month dedicated to you, I personally, on behalf of the Pax team, wish you a great day and a month filled with joy and wonderful encounters (virtual or in person) with your clients.

Uguette Chiasson and the team

President, Pax Global Media Inc.

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