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Monday,  May 20, 2024 8:22 PM 

Ensemble members report higher commissions & sales from ADX platform

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  •   09-27-2022  1:54 pm
  •   Pax Global Media

Ensemble members report higher commissions & sales from ADX platform
Pax Global Media

As part of the transition process since being acquired by Navigatr group, Ensemble Travel Group members are being onboarded onto the ADX platform and seeing great results including a higher average commission yield, the company says. 

One agency has reportedly seen sales increase 150 percent in only one month using the ADX platform.

Short for Agent Digital Experience, ADX is a proprietary technology platform stands apart from other travel technology and booking tools in allowing advisors to not only book all aspects of a client's trip but also invoice in the same platform for maximum efficiency. 

ADX was launched in 2014 by TripArc, the dedicated technology company also owned by Navigatr. 

It has undergone multiple upgrades and enhancements to enable users to book air, hotel, insurance and activities seamlessly. 

ADX enables advisors to present bundled itinerary options and upgrades to enhance the client’s overall travel experience while also maximizing commissions.

It also: 

  • Provides seamless access to booking products from over 2000 vendors in various categories.
  • Allows users to upsell and provide comprehensive, bundled trip bookings to their clients, as compared to single category air / hotel / etc. bookings.
  • Allows non-GDS as well as experienced air users to search, book and ticket inventory from both Sabre as well as Amadeus.
  • Features a zero debit memos booking guarantee on air bookings, and minimizes the potential for human calculation errors.  
  • Provides air bookings support for free on ADX bookings. 
  • Users can choose between preferred rates, net rates, hotel rates with amenities or Sabre rates.
  • Users can add insurance to bookings with a single click.
  • Allows users to provide clients with side-by-side itinerary comparisons of up to four different itineraries in one email. 
  • Maximizes profitability by providing commissions up front and applying a markup on eligible services.
  • Allows for single click invoicing of the entire trip.
  • Streamlines back-office agency operations with key reporting and reconciliation abilities.

“We talk a lot about the advantages and benefits of ADX because we know how much advisors love it for its efficiency and its ability to increase commissions, but it’s the numbers and results that speak for themselves,” said Michael Johnson, president of Ensemble Travel Group. 

“As an example, we had a $1 million cruise specialist who had sold $80K in air during a one-year period. He earned $0 in commissions before using ADX. On ADX, he was able to not only double sales, but also earn $20,036 in commissions. That is an average of $1,670 a month in air commissions that previously went to someone else.  This is just one reason why we are so excited to onboard Ensemble members on this platform.”

Since its inception, ADX has been used to book nearly $1 billion of transactions across hundreds of agencies and over 2000 vendors.  Future enhancements include the ability to add extra commissions to a bundled booking with various suppliers, with only a single, combined transaction reflected on the client’s credit card.

ADX is currently used by more than 70 per cent of the Travel Edge Network – a luxury host agency within the Navigatr Group that recently announced it would join Ensemble - and is being introduced to Ensemble members as part of the transition process with several early adopters already onboarded.  

From that initial group, one member has already used it to book $16K of air and received a special commission of $1,900 as compared to earning only $400 for the same flights if they were booked using a consolidator.  

The plan is to phase in more members over the coming month with a goal to complete the process by the end of the year.

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