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Wednesday,  April 17, 2024 6:45 PM 



Logimonde Inc. and ACT Communications Inc. agree to bring amicable end to five-year partnership; will focus on developing their unique products independently

Uguette Chiasson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Logimonde Inc.
Logimonde Inc. and ACT Communications Inc. have agreed to bring an amicable end to their partnership of nearly five years in order to better develop their unique products independently.

Uguette Chiasson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Logimonde Inc., stated that “by buying back my shares from ACT, I feel Logimonde will have greater flexibility to focus on developing our on-line products and I can also re-establish the company as a family-owned business involving my daughter, Marie-Klaude Gagnon, who is the General Manager of Logimonde.”

Rex Armstead, President, ACT Communications Inc.
“We have accomplished a great deal working together, but now it is time to look towards the next five years’’ said Rex Armstead, President, ACT Communications.

“Our business has grown rapidly but the complexity of our respective product ranges has also increased. Combined with the rapid changes taking place in the marketplace, we feel we can best serve our clients as separate entities with ACT maintaining its destination/education focus while Logimonde concentrates on solidifying its already dominant position in the electronic news and magazine markets.”

Logimonde publishes four e-magazines:,, and, as well as offers a national broadcast email service. ACT Communications publishes Canadian Traveller magazine and produces the Addison Travel Trade Shows. The companies will maintain a close-working and mutually beneficial relationship.

For further information contact:

ACT Communications Inc.                                                                              Logimonde Inc.
Rex Armstead, President                                                             Uguette Chiasson, President
(604) 699-9990 x302                                                                              (450) 689-5060 x222