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Wednesday,  May 22, 2024 4:56 AM 

Travel industry gets on board with Apple Watch

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  •   03-11-2015  9:46 am

Travel industry gets on board with Apple Watch

What do travel and the Apple brand have in common? For starters, they’re both becoming increasingly accessible to consumers, especially in light of the launch of Apple’s newest product, the Apple Watch, a wearable device that will tell users the time, weather, and even send and receive phone calls and messages.

Given Apple’s prior success and popularity, the Apple Watch is the subject of much enthusiasm; according to a poll conducted by Adobe Digital Index (ADI), more than 67 per cent of people who currently own a smartphone or tablet said they are likely to purchase the product in the next six months.

In anticipation for this usage, big players in the travel industry are announcing their involvement with the Apple Watch, launching apps designed to consolidate and improve traveller experiences in fundamental and significant ways.

American Airlines app users will receive notifications about gate changes, delays, and the best time to leave home for the airport. Fliers will be able to check in with their Apple Watch, track remaining arrival flight while en route to their destination, and receive baggage and connection details.

The Starwood Hotels & Resorts app will allow guests to receive directions to their hotel, check in using the device, and unlock their hotel room doors, no room key required. 

Air New Zealand’s app will feature a departure countdown for travellers, boarding call notifications, and even act as an electronic boarding pass. It will also continue to offer its coffee-ordering function, first introduced on the airline’s mobile app in 2014, which allows fliers to order coffee while they wait in airline lounges.

Expedia is another partner of Apple Watch, providing information to travellers regarding everything from their itineraries for upcoming trips to reservation details, as well as seat assignments on flights and hotel ratings, locations, and contact information.

With such technological conveniences already being promised more than a month prior to the Apple Watch’s release date on Apr. 24, the potential for further developments in the areas of flights, hotels, tours and even agent-to-customer communication is unprecedented, and clearly, just the beginning.  

No doubt, the travel industry can look forward to offering consumers even more new and exciting ways to go abroad in the not-too-distant future, especially as app-design for Apple Watch becomes more accessible to other companies.  

Will you be purchasing the Apple Watch upon its release? What will you most likely use it for?

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