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Wednesday,  April 17, 2024 6:49 PM 

Flair questioned after Cancun flights delayed 48 hours

  • Air
  •   03-22-2024  12:40 am
  •   Pax Global Media

Flair questioned after Cancun flights delayed 48 hours
Pax Global Media

Flair Airlines was questioned by the compliance and enforcement arm of Canada’s transportation regulator after two of its flights were delayed from leaving Cancun's airport by about 48 hours.

According to reporting from Daily Hive, a flight scheduled to leave Thursday didn’t take off until Saturday.

Another flight set to leave Sunday only took off on Tuesday.

Passengers from both flights told the site they were shuttled back and forth between the terminal and airport hotels, and that there was a lack of communication and no food provided.

“The Agency’s compliance and enforcement unit is in contact with the airline and is monitoring the situation as it unfolds,” a spokesperson for the Canadian Transportation Agency told Daily Hive.

Travellers on the Sunday flight were told by Flair that the delay was “due to unanticipated maintenance delays within airline’s control but required for safety.”

Stephanie Conners, a passenger on the Thursday flight, told Daily Hive their pilot said over an airport bus intercom that navigation system issues had caused the delay.

“The way that they treat people is absolutely criminal,” she said. “I would never fly with them again.”

Because Flair is now considered a large airline by the Canadian government its obligations under Canada’s Air Passenger Protection Regulations have changed.

Those obligations, when a delay is under its control, include re-booking passengers on its next flight leaving within nine hours.

When that isn’t possible, passengers are to be re-booked on a flight with another airline that has a commercial agreement with Flair.

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