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Saturday,  July 13, 2024 9:59 AM 

#ContikiPeru? Don't mind if I do

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  •   05-15-2015  11:40 am

#ContikiPeru? Don't mind if I do

I've been boasting my way from Lima to Ollantaytambo via social media since Sunday, when I arrived in Peru's capital to embark on my first-ever Contiki tour.

Along with Contiki Canada President Brad Ford, Director of Sales Sheralyn Berry, and 12 travel agents, our group is on an accelerated version of the company's Peru Uncovered itinerary.

Lover's Park, Lima  

It's been a busy few days, kicking off with a tour of the beautiful city of Lima. Safe to say, I love the place just as much as these two love each other.

We then enthusiastically set off for Cusco, the gateway to Machu Picchu. 

At 3,335 metres above sea level, the altitude of this city can cause some headaches, so by recommendation of our awesome guide Jhono (and many travellers before me), I indulged in some coca tea upon arrival to our hotel.

It was then time to try some local fare at Paplano's burger joint. An alpaca patty, anyone? 

A walk through the city exposed us to the rich history of the Incan people, amazing architecture and awe-inspiring artwork.

Day 3 was on to the Sacred Valley - but first, a stop at alpaca and llama farm, Awanacancha. Here, we had the chance to purchase the most authentic Peruvian handmade products in the region, and of course, take selfies with the talent.

The road trip continued, offering the most incredible views of this unique region.

Then came our first tour of Inca ruins through Pisaq. It was physically challenging as we maneuvered our way up and down hills and stone steps, but the views were well worth the effort.

Fast forward to the next morning after a relaxing evening in Ollantaytambo. A few of my travel companions and I took a drive to the top of Urubamba mountain and then cycled (OK, coasted) down the windy road to the bottom. Overlooking the valley as we made our way back to the village, I'll admit there were many "I can't believe my life" moments.

Now, we're en route to Aguas Calientes and by the time you're reading this, I'll be exploring "la piece de resistance" - Machu Picchu. The journey is passing quickly but I'm soaking it all in - as they say at Contiki, #noregrets.

Stay tuned to PAX for more on the journey or get on location updates by following @pax_news and @pax_tlyn on Twitter.