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Friday,  April 19, 2024 11:02 AM 

AirlinePros becomes Associate Member of AASA

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  •   06-15-2023  5:02 pm
  •   Pax Global Media

AirlinePros becomes Associate Member of AASA
Pax Global Media

Karl Müller, director of AirlinePros Canada, has announced the induction of AirlinePros as an Associate Member of the Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA).

The recognition comes as the result of commercial and strategy input provided by AirlinePros to various African airlines represented over the years, and the economic benefits subsequently generated, Müller told PAX.

AirlinePros Canada currently cares for more than half a dozen African airlines in the Canadian market.

Since 2014, AirlinePros Canada has marketed, introduced, disseminated and successfully made available in GDS and configured in to BSP/IATA more than 25 African airlines.

All of this, in addition to its U.S. and worldwide insight contributions, have been recognized by AASA, where AirlinePros has been granted active membership not only for its role in marketing airlines from that region, but also for the subsequent economic role and results that have played out, Müller said.

AASA is a leading regional airline association recognized by IATA focusing on the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which includes the Indian Ocean islands.

The association leads and coordinates the airline industry position on airports, airspace, and civil aviation-related matters.

AirlinePros partners with both ARC in the USA and IATA in the rest of the world to provide financial settlement and global distribution solutions.

“AASA welcomes AirlinePros as an associate member whose role towards enhancing the ability of our member airlines to have the best possible representation in various regions is a critical success factor in these competitive markets,” stated Aaron Munetsi, CEO, AASA. “We are confident that our member airlines will establish a mutually beneficial relationship with AirlinePros for the benefit of the industry.”

AASA supports IATA’s global initiatives and works closely with senior airline industry as well as regulatory and government officials on policy, regulatory, planning, operational, security, safety and financial matters that affect the overall profitability of the airlines.

The association also ensures the interests of the airline industry are promoted, works towards fair and practical legislative and regulatory solutions as well as containing or eradicating costs to benefit the sector.

“AASA plays a vital role in promoting collaboration and cohesiveness between all the constituents of the aviation industry in Southern Africa,” stated Achma Asokan Foster, Group CEO of AirlinePros International. “This is critical for the realization of positive outcomes for its airline and non-airline members on issues of common interest in the region, and it enables members to allocate more time and focus on their primary business areas.”

“We are delighted to become an Associate Member of AASA and look forward to working with all the members to further the prospects of Southern African aviation and that of the entire continent.”

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