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Air France, 90 Years of Elegance

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  •   11-13-2023  4:01 am

Air France, 90 Years of Elegance
This year, Air France is celebrating 90 years of elegance. (Air France)

In 2023, Air France is celebrating 90 years of elegance. 90 years of technology, innovation and comfort on board its aircraft. 90 years of travel, fine dining, design, haute couture, art and architecture. 

Since its creation, the company has been celebrating French excellence, a “je-ne-sais-quoi” that the world recognizes in France, thanks to an exceptional travel experience that takes elegance to new heights. 

Created from the merger of Air Orient, Air Union, Société Générale de Transports Aériens, the Compagnie Internationale de Navigation Aérienne and Aéropostale, Air France was officially inaugurated on 7th October 1933. Ever since, the company has continued to create its legend by promoting the French art of travel around the world. 

Air France today offers its customers close to 1,000 daily flights to 200 destinations with a fleet of more than 240 aircraft.

(Air France)

To commemorate this milestone, Air France presented a collection of five iconic dresses designed by Xavier Ronze, Head of Costume Design at the Paris Opera Ballet. 

Each dress represents different facets of the airline, including aircraft and technology, uniforms, emblematic posters, fine dining, design, and architecture. 

These dresses blend historical elements with contemporary flair, symbolizing Air France's timeless excellence and France's expertise.

(Air France)

Air France has naturally chosen the Galeries Lafayette, a temple of fashion in the heart of Paris, to showcase this original dress collection as part of its anniversary celebrations. 

Until mid-October of 2023, the store's windows displayed these dresses alongside select Air France heritage items and current offerings. 

This exhibition beautifully encapsulated 90 years of legendary aviation, in-flight comfort, designer uniforms, dining, and design.

(Air France)In the heart of Paris, Air France took an innovative approach, making its heritage accessible to both French and international visitors. Whether reminiscing about past journeys with Air France or creating new memories, visitors could partake in the airline's legendary story.

(Air France)

(Air France)

To ensure maximum exposure of the company’s exhibition for everyone, wherever they are in the world, the company has created a new immersive website, available in French and English, enabling visitors to explore and learn more about the themes of the window displays. 

A unique opportunity to look back at the history of Air France and its legacy. 

Visit the website for an immersive tour through 90 years of elegance. 

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