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Friday,  April 12, 2024 8:43 PM 

TTAND regionalization helps agents get attention

  • Agency
  •   02-19-2019  10:43 am
  •   The Travel Agent Next Door

TTAND regionalization helps agents get attention
The Travel Agent Next Door

The Travel Agent Next Door continues to lead the way in innovations to benefit its growing group of more than 600 agents. 

It is believed to be the first Canadian host agency to restructure regionally, creating “The Supplier Rep Next Door” program, where hosted agents and agencies will be recognized and supported by their local supplier reps.

 “Our agents were not always getting the local support and recognition they deserved,” said Flemming Friisdahl, founder, The Travel Agent Next Door. “By creating regions, our agents are seen by their local reps and their performance appears on those reps’ sales reports.”

The Supplier Rep Next Door

The Travel Agent Next Door has broken down regionally into four different regions, agent by agent, so that local supplier reps and BDM's can readily see who is producing and they can support these agents accordingly.

In the past, they would often have been assigned one BDM or sales rep for the entire group across Canada.

Now, TTAND agents and hosted agencies receive direct support from regional reps and BDMs that includes training, resolution, marketing and consumer evenings support, to name a few.

It also means that TTAND agents and agencies will receive recognition for their sales production and have the ability to grow their business by working directly with their local supplier rep or BDM.

Better for suppliers, too

Tour operators, cruise lines, airlines, tour companies, and tourist boards will now have insight into where to focus their efforts via their local reps and BDM's to assist in growing their business on a national scale.

This allows suppliers to bring support down to the grassroots level and give recognition where it is due.