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Welcome to the European Travel Commission’s (ETC) and Pax Global Media’s one-stop shop for Canadian travel agents, tour operators and wholesalers, outlining the latest information on European travel as the industry prepares for a global restart.

While the coronavirus pandemic has forced many to pause their travel plans, Europe is ready to offer a safe and unforgettable experience, as soon as travel is possible. Now is the time to start planning as Europe invites the curious to discover its cultural hubs, natural beauty and rich history. After all, curiosity knows no bounds!

Europe makes discovering extraordinary experiences effortless, and if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that nothing can conquer curiosity and wanderlust.

Here, you will find enriching content that will help you plan now and get clients travelling back to Europe again soon. The global coronavirus pandemic may have put travel plans temporarily on hold, but curious travellers never stop dreaming – and Europe, spanning a myriad of fascinating countries, is the place to satisfy a desire for discovery!

Whether it’s history and ancestry, creative cities, or the great outdoors, Europe’s diverse landscapes, cultures and communities offer unforgettable adventures at every turn. Now is the time to plan that future trip as travellers have a greater appreciation for things they previously took for granted.

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Europe has always prioritized the safety of its people and its visitors, and it has responded swiftly and efficiently to the outbreak. While this new era may feel different at first, there are plenty of resources available, which you’ll find, here, courtesy of the ETC. Please refer to the official website Re-Open EU where you can find specific information for each country.

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Established in 1948, the European Travel Commission is a unique association in the travel sector, representing the National Tourism Organisations of the countries of Europe. Its mission is to strengthen the sustainable development of Europe as a tourist destination.

In the last several decades, ETC has positioned itself at the forefront of the European tourism scene, establishing its expertise and building up partnerships in areas of tourism, based on promotion, market intelligence and best practice sharing.

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