Gap Adventures’ Bruce Poon Tip wins Awards of Merit 2009 Personality of the Year; says he’s extremely proud, but that his product has the personality

Uguette Chiasson, publisher, TRAVELHotNews.com; Bruce Poon Tip, CEO and founder of Gap Adventures; Lisa Raffaele, editor, TRAVELHotNews.com
While this may not be his first award, Bruce Poon Tip, CEO and founder of Gap Adventures said that receiving an award from your peers “is something special.”

Yesterday afternoon TRAVELHotNews.com presented Poon Tip with the Awards of Merit honour for Personality of the Year 2009. Out of 20 nominees, Poon Tip was nominated and voted for amongst his fellow travel industry colleagues as the winner.

“As a company we are a highly awarded organization, but I am always happy to win accolades that are from peers,” he said. “It [makes] a massive difference. It’s just something special when it’s from your peers.”

Finding out about his nomination for Personality of the Year through Twitter, Poon Tip told TRAVELHotNews.com that he linked to the contest via someone else’s tweet, and then voted for himself, he chuckled.

“I was very surprised when I got it, but even more so when I saw my competition, because there were so many [people nominated] from mainstream companies that [I thought would] appeal to a wider audience.”

Becoming a key play in the industry

Bruce Poon Tip
According to Poon Tip, it was only in the last two years that he truly felt that the industry accepted Gap as a travel industry player.

Doing this for the past 20 years, he commented that for the 17 years prior “it felt like [he] was looking through the window rather than looking through the door [of the travel industry].”

Remarking on how he always felt that Gap “came on the outside of the travel industry,” Poon Tip acknowledged that the consumer wanting more of his product has brought the company to where it is today.

“That’s what opened the door for us in the travel industry,” he affirmed. “I remember sitting on panels a decade ago while people laughed at me saying, ‘you call what you sell holidays?’”

Currently, Gap Adventures sells in 37 countries. They have 32 offices worldwide and they operate tours to 100 countries.

A company with personality

When asked why he felt he won over his competition, Poon Tip modestly pointed out that he thought his innovative and unique product is unlike any other on in market, something that ultimately reflects on him.

“I think that my company and product has personality and I think that’s what stands out,” he said. “In many ways when I think of personality I don’t think of my personality, I think of the company’s.”

Making a quip about his final competition and the healthy rivalry that transpired amongst his fellow nominees, Poon Tip added that he gets to take the credit for such a distinctive product, when so many people do the work.

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